In 1995 a powerful and impressive Palomino stallion, by Page Impressive and out of Lets Skip Town, was born. Mr. Vella Fella was a gentle giant, whose trust you had to earn, that changed many lives and whose legacy will stand the test of time. He was a remarkable stallion with a playful side. He looked forward every day to being turned out to his very own paddock, so he could run and play. No one could bring him back in, except for Gary. Vella and Gary would talk to each other -Gary would baby talk to Vella and Vella would neigh and whinny right back. Mr. Vella Fella was also a looker. He loved the ladies (the human kind) and the mares. Also, he not only loved his foals, but all foals on the farm. He loved to watch them play and with the years slowly growing on him, he never acted his age. To this day, there has never been a horse put into his "duplex" as Linda called his stall. His legacy will live on for years to come.

Mr. Vella Fella personally achieved several World Champion titles; World Champion Amateur Aged Stallion in 2000 and Open 2-Vear old Stallion in 1997, Reserve World Champion Aged Stallion in open in 1999. Vella was a two-time World Champion for the Palomino Horse Breeders of America, where he was the Leading Sire for 2003-2008. He was also AQHA's Leading Sire for eight years. He was an N/N stallion that looks like an N/H stallion. He marked all of his foals. One could definitely tell if it was a Mr. Vella Fella baby. That is the reason that his get have gone to be named World Champions in multiple breeds, such as American Quarter Horse Association, Palomino Horse Breeders of America, American Paint Horse Association, American Buckskin Registry Association, International Buckskin Horse Association, and the Appaloosa Horse club of America.

Mr. Vella Fella sired 389 AQHA point-earners that earned 15, 833 total halter and performance points, 31World Championships, and 26 Reserve World Championships. His get have also earned $205,471.97 in AQHA Competition, 33,938 PHBA Halter points and 795 Performance points,799 IBHA total halter and performance points, 353 ABRA total halter and performance points and $1,540.85 in the Barrel Futurities of America. This is just a small sampling of the many great achievements and awards his get has gone on to earn, with the future looking even more rewarding.

Mr. Vella Fella has helped change and shape the halter industry. He really put a mark on the industry by being a Palomino. Mr. Vella Fella will be regarded in the equine history books as one of the greatest Palomino halter horses of all time. Although, Mr. Vella Fella is gone, he will certainly not be forgotten. He was laid to rest at Fossil Gate Farm in August of 2014. His future is looking bright, as Gary and Linda have a 2016 Palomino filly on the ground and a Yella Fella baby in the oven for 2017, both born by way of frozen semen. Gary and Linda have quite a bit of frozen semen available to those that are interested and want to breed to him.





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